Riads in Morocco

Travel Log

Riads are a traditional Moroccan house, located within an ancient medina (walled city), which is designed around a central courtyard and or/garden. These beautiful homes have been restored to reflect traditional Moroccan decor, but also with the modern amenities you would find in 4 and 5 star hotels.

As you approach a riad from one of Morocco's narrow, labyrinthine streets, you will likely notice that each door looks similar, but also has its own personality. When you open the door to the riad, you will enter in a hallway that does not permit you a glimpse into the heart of the house. This 'layered' effect of walls, doors and hallways are a historical privacy feature for the residents of the house....allowing the outside door to be open to the public, while offering protection for those within...and also creates a sound barrier against the noise of the streets. As you pass from the bustling streets, through the nondescript exterior and into the central courtyard/garden of a riad, you may be surprised and delighted by tranquil, elegant beauty you will find within. A diamond in the rough!


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